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Lubricants specially designed to enhance protection and performance in your petrol or diesel vehicles. You can be confident that our range of engine oils for cars, motorcycles, scooters, including bus and trucks are the choice lubricants to make for a most enjoyable journey. full line of lubricants, transmission fluids and coolants are specifically formulated to meet the intense demands of your vehicles. Expect only the best when it comes to fuel economy, performance and reliability. .

Gold is highly prized not only for its natural beauty but for its rarity, usefulness and versatility, and can be found in almost every sphere of modern life. Gold's many, and diverse, properties - some of which are unique to gold - make it an indispensable and vital component in various fields. Traditionally gold has been used to make coins, bullion and jewellery, but in recent times it has been used in a variety of less typical ways.